HOW the New WORLD TENNIS NUMBER (WTN) can Improve Your Game!

A Summary

- this number was created by the ITF (International Tennis Federation)

- its’ a World Tennis Ranking giving every player anywhere in the world (complete beginner to pro) a chance to enjoy playing against each other

- this number goes everywhere with you worldwide

- the LTA will launch it in March this year

- all LTA members will receive a number between 40 and 1. Beginners including 10 and Under players competing for the first time start at 40 and Touring pros like Andy Murray will have a rating nearer 1.

- it is embraced by LTA, The French Tennis Association and the USTA – the 3 nations containing the most tennis players to play against:)

- it replaces the current LTA Rating

- it will be used for all LTA Grade 6 to Grade 4 competition entry.

- all matches you compete in will count towards improving your number. This includes your summer Club league matches as well as Fast 4 tournament matches.

- It is linked to your LTA Membership number which is free for LTA Members. The easiest way to start enjoying competition is by becoming an LTA Member. You can pay for it online or receive it free when you join an LTA Registered Club like Wembley Lawn Tennis Club.

- you will receive a separate singles and doubles number.

- your personal number is calculated by computer program using your submitted match results over the last 6 years.

- results are analysed using the number of sets you win per match.

- the more results you input by playing the more accurate your WTN will be

- new players who don't have a WTN can self-assess their playing standard using a PSQ (Player Standard Questionnaire) before they play their first match. The computer will calculate their accurate WTN after receiving the results of their first 2 matches.

- Your personal Game Zone Dashboard allows you to search online for match opportunities against players with a number similar or close to yours.

- Game Zone also allows you to track your progress. It includes your stats like your win/loss ratio

- you can play matches against players of a similar number to yours regardless of gender, age and ability.

- results are updated real time weekly every Wednesday. These will include your match results till Sunday before.

I sincerely hope this short summary helped explain how the WTN can improve your tennis game.

However if you want to go more techy please read more about the WTN here:


See the WTN computer at work below at the Australian Open 2021. Please note the image copyright belongs to Eurosport.

I can't wait to see you on court soon:)

To Competition and Beyond:)

Coach Rajesh Sharma on behalf of Wembley Lawn Tennis Club