Wembley Lawn Tennis Club was formed in 1930 as part of the Wembley Cricket & Sports Association, and 6 grass courts were constructed.

There was a limit of 96 playing members, and the subscription was set at two guineas per annum (£2.10 in today’s money). Initially, a marquee was provided for the members, with the first tennis pavilion being built in 1932.

In 1933, to reduce maintenance costs and make provision for all-year-round playing, three of the grass courts were converted to hard courts. At that time, the Club entered teams into the competitions which eventually evolved into the Middlesex League and Cup, and it has done so ever since.

The war years were difficult, with a shortage of male players due to the demands of the armed services, and a scarcity of tennis balls because of the difficulty of importing rubber, and it was not until around 1950 that ‘normality’ was restored.

1970 saw the appointment of the first Club Coach, an appointment which has been filled continually ever since. The present incumbent is the 5th holder of the post, and, since 1980, he or she has been helped by a number of Assistant Coaches, all of whom were one-time Juniors who had worked their way up through the Club.

In 1983, following an arson attack on the old, wooden, pavilion, a new pavilion with changing rooms, well equipped kitchen, bar and large assembly room was opened.

In 1995, the three hard courts were equipped with floodlights, which enable play to continue until 10.30pm. Also, the Club was then able to enter teams into various County and National Winter League and Cup competitions and run regular late-evening playing and coaching sessions.