lta-guidance-for-tennis-players---covid-19.pdf lta-guidance-for-tennis-players---covid-19.pdf
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Hello Players,

Thank you very much for for wanting to play tennis to keep fit during this COVID-19 epidemic.

To allow us to enjoy playing while reducing the infection within our community and nationwide, the LTA have created these rules following official Government guidance.

Please protect yourself and all those around you reading and following them strictly. They don't take long to read,and your action will save countless lives and allow us to return to playing the sport we love sooner and and with fewer restrictions.

If you wish to recieve coaching please also read the Guidance for coaches document attached. Your coach is strictly following these guidlelines for your safety. Your coach will remind you of these regulations every time you play with him or her. 

lta-guidance-for-tennis-coaches---covid-19.pdf lta-guidance-for-tennis-coaches---covid-19.pdf
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Also please be aware that the Clubhouse is closed. Only the courts are open during play. 

We appraciate your kind care and respect for all during these challenging times.

Please use the Contact us Form to book a court to play. Many thanks.

Please enjoy your safe game of tennis.